V 2.0.0 (17-11-2022)

  • Completely redesigned new UI
  • Feature to request for new functionality.
  • Tag filter. Now the test cases can be tagged like web, mobile etc while submitting.
  • Automatically contributor’s profile upgrade to reviewer once his 100 test cases are published.
  • Feature for reviewer to request the change in test case.
  • Contributors can see their submitted test cases and their status under profile section.
  • All the functionalities can be seen now.
  • All contributors and reviewers are listed on the home page and public.
  • Weekly top reviewers and contributors will be highlighted on home page.
  • Total test cases count on TestCaseHub, total requested test cases and total published test cases  count visible now.


V 1.1.0 (24-06-2022)

  • Feature to upvote & downvote test case
  • Reviewer Profile link
  • Author Profile link
  • Bulk upload
  • Auto suggest while typing
  • Option to copy/download selected test cases
  • Community reviewers

V 1.0.0 (02-06-2022)

  • Launched TestCaseHub.