TestCase Studio

TestCase Studio is a free browser plugin to record the user actions performed on a web application in plain English Sentences. It will also generate the XPath, cssSelector and Automation Code for every user action. User can save or copy these recorded steps as a Test case. It is very helpful to get the steps to reproduce the bugs.

So basically it automates the test case writing process, now no need to write the test cases manually. It also helps to get the steps to reproduce the bugs. It saves a huge amount of time.

It runs offline locally on user’s system and doesn’t save any user data. It is absolutely safe and secure. It is a free browser plugin and very simple to use. Please follow this tutorial to make the best use of TestCase Studio.

How to use TestCase Studio:

  1. To record the test case, click on TestCaseStudio icon on the tool bar.
  2. Now keep performing your steps, it will automatically record all the user actions and keep them converting into plain english sentence.
  3. You can download the generated test case by clicking on download button.


  1. It generates the English Test Cases (manual test case) automatically.
  2. It generates the xpath for each step.
  3. It generates the cssSelector for each step.
  4. It also records the data for each step.
  5. XPath/cssSelector code command can be generated as per your framework.
  6. User can add or remove columns and customize UI as per requirement.
  7. User can add new step just by clicking on + icon present in each row.
  8. User can delete the unwanted step just by clicking on delete icon present in each row.
  9. User can pause the recording and resume whenever it is required.
  10. User can delete all the steps in single shot just by clicking on delete all button present in header.
  11. Attribute filter option is there to generate the xpath with desired attribute.
  12. All the recorded steps can be saved in excel file along with XPath/Command and data.
  13. By default it will save the filename as websiteDomain+TimeStamp.
  14. User can edit the test case name before saving it.
  15. User can also copy all the steps just by clicking on copy icon present in the table header.

Supported Browser:

TestCase Studio supports all the browsers.
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave, Chromium and Tor

What kinds of applications it support:

It supports all web application (Desktop and mobile) which can be opened on web browser.
Currently it doesn’t support mobile native and desktop based application.

Where to report issue and feature request:

If you find any issue or feature request, please raise it here at Bugasura or Github.

Is there any license required to use this tool?

No license required to use this tool, it’s a free browser plugin to use in web browser as browser plugin.


Q1. Is it similar like other recorder tools like Selenium IDE?

Ans: No. It is not a record and play tool. It is a tool to record your actions in plain english along with selectors. Please checkout this blog to learn more about the differences between TestCase Studio and Selenium IDE.

Q2. Can we add the expected results as well?

Ans: Yes, there is option to add and delete steps. Here you can add the expected results and assertion step. Also you can edit the recorded english sentence as per the requirement.

Q3. How will it verify if the data is correct?

Ans: It will not verify your data because it’s not a tool to execute the test case. It is a tool to record the steps and convert them in english.

Q4. Any plans to include CSS Selectors too, going forward?

Ans: Yes, very soon you will get the CSS Selectors too.

Q5. Can it be connected with database?

Ans: No, currently it can not be connected to database. It runs offline only in your local system.

Q6. How to verify data in TestCase Studio?

Ans: Data can’t be verified in it, it’s not a tool to verify the data.

Q7. How can we justify actual result are match or not?

Ans: No we can’t do that because here we are not running the test case, we are generating the english test case here.

Q8. Is it applicable for windows based application?

Ans: No

Q9. Can we use it for mobile native apps?

Ans: No

Q10. Can we use it for mobile web applications?

Ans: Yes

Q11. I logged-in in the morning and started using the TestCase studio. Now can I keep it on for the next 8 hrs continuously? Will it cause any issue in the file generation part?

Ans: No, there will not be any issue.

Q12. Does TestCase Studio support all browsers?

Ans: Yes

Q13. Can we make more descriptive test case format.

Ans: Yes, you can edit any step which you want, just click on the sentence and you would be able to edit it and save it.

Q14. Will it help to take data input from .txt or xls and after processing, will it help to write into .txt or xls.

Ans: No it will not take any input file and it doesn’t require any input data. You just need to open TestCase Studio and keep performing your testing. It will automatically keep writing test steps for you.

Q15. Is that possible to edit the already generated steps?Like if i wanted to add some notes in steps like “verified something” like that.

Ans: Yes. Just click on sentence and edit it.

Q16. Can we export the recorded steps ?

Ans: Yes, you can export the recored steps in xls.