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Uttkarsha Jindal

It is an amazing extension. As a automation tester you should have that skill that how to find selectors manually but after mastering that skill, there should be some tool which saves your time and can speed up your implementation with accuracy. That's what this tool does. Thanks a ton Sanjay Kumar for providing such an amazing tools like SelectorsHub .

dev matroja

This tool is just amazing . I use this tool very often while running my test scripts also i make video tutorials in which i have used this tool . This tool is the best Xpath tool ever. It solves many of complex locators problems in seconds. Great Work Sir! And Thank you .

surya kiran k v s

Great Innovation. This is excellent tool for Automation testing which saves lot of time . In one-click, we are able to capture end to end flow with XPaths and test scripts as well. You made Automation Engineer's life easy. Thank you so much

Dushyant Dandgawal

TestCase Studio is an awesome plugin for browser. Loved the idea and use cases shown by none other than the founder himself, Sanjay Kumar! This will really help in documenting test cases, reporting bugs and help in generating selectors for automation. Loved every detail of the tool.

Awards & Achievement of SelectorsHub

Sanjay Kumar awarded

India Achievers' 2020

Awarded with the Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 for inventing SelectorsHub!!