Sanjay Kumar | Founder of SelectorsHub

Thank You!!

At SelectorsHub, We are building the productivity boosters tools to make our fellow testers and developers life easy. All are products being run and developed with a huge community support. We are currently community of more than 250K+ active users with half a million downloads and growing with a rate of 1000+ new users everyday.

Currently SelectorsHub offers-

1. SelectorsHub – XPath & Selectors Browser Plugin.
2. TestCase Studio – Recorder Browser Plugin.
3. Testing Daily – Browser Plugin, Mobile App, Web App to get latest testing feed.
4. AutoTestData – Web App to generate fake test data.
5. TestCaseHub – A repository of Test Cases and Scenarios. It’s a web app.
6. SelectorsHub Ads – Helps to promote testing products and events.

We seek for your support in this journey. Thank you.

Sanjay Kumar