How to use TestCase Studio in incognito mode?

To use TestCase Studio or any browser extension in incognito mode, there is a setting required which user need to do. 1- Right click on the extension logo then click on ‘manage extension’. 2- Go to bottom of the page and there turn on the toggle for ‘Allow in Incognito’. That’s all, now just open […]

Is SelectorsHub selling user data under SelectorsHub Ads Program?

1- SelectorsHub doesn’t collect any user data so it’s very obvious that it can’t sell anything related to user data. 2- Under SelectorsHub Ads program, we are just providing space in extension tab to show useful information which can be helpful and meaningful for our users. Please watch the below video for more details-

SelectorsHub Ads Pricing and Details

We don’t charge for displaying your Ad. You pay only when you get the leads. If you are interested and want to use this service please write to us on for more details and pricing. Thank you.

SelectorsHub Ads For whom

For whom this service is useful?It is the best service for those who are looking for  SDETs Testers Automation Testers Web Developers All the SelectorsHub users All the TestCase Studio Users. If you are a company and want to promote your event with live audience like SDETs and Testers, this is the best place and […]

Why SelectorsHub Ads

There are lots of places like social media platform etc where you keep posting and promoting the events, products, job openings etc but from there you don’t get absolutely 100% filtered SDETs, Testers kind of audience.  But now at SelectorsHub you will get your 100% filtered targeted audience in a blink. Lets say tomorrow you have […]

SHub Pro Shadow DOM

Please follow below tutorial to learn how to automate shadow DOM and nested shadow DOM in Selenium, Cypress and Playwright using SelectorsHub Pro in one click-

TestCaseHub Changelog

V 2.0.0 (17-11-2022) Completely redesigned new UI Feature to request for new functionality. Tag filter. Now the test cases can be tagged like web, mobile etc while submitting. Automatically contributor’s profile upgrade to reviewer once his 100 test cases are published. Feature for reviewer to request the change in test case. Contributors can see their […]

Shub Pro Attribute Filter

Please follow this tutorial to generate xpath and selectors with and without a particular attribute-

SelectorsHub Pro Changelog

VERSION: 0.0.6 (date 29-06-2022) Feature to test if xpath is dynamic or static. Updated icons in dark theme. Fix for deletion of element while typing and deleting xpath. Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for reporting this issue. Fix for pwSelector and testRigor path using settings. Fix for matching element msg in case of no value in […]