SHub Pro Shadow DOM

Please follow below tutorial to learn how to automate shadow DOM and nested shadow DOM in Selenium, Cypress and Playwright using SelectorsHub Pro in one click-

TestCaseHub Changelog

V 2.0.0 (17-11-2022) Completely redesigned new UI Feature to request for new functionality. Tag filter. Now the test cases can be tagged like web, mobile etc while submitting. Automatically contributor’s profile upgrade to reviewer once his 100 test cases are published. Feature for reviewer to request the change in test case. Contributors can see their […]

How to use SelectorsHub in Dark Theme

SelectorsHub can also be used in dark theme. To use it in dark theme, just the DevTools theme from default to dark from DevTools setting. Please follow the below tutorial to live demo-

How to automate Shadow DOM in selenium

Just inspect the element if it will be inside shadowDOM, it will show “in ShadowDOM” in the SelectorsHub tab. It will auto generate the script in java-selenium to automate shadow dom element It will also generate the css selector and gives other information. To write the cssSelector for any element which is inside shadowDOM, just […]