SHub Pro Shadow DOM

Please follow below tutorial to learn how to automate shadow DOM and nested shadow DOM in Selenium, Cypress and Playwright using SelectorsHub Pro in one click-

TestCaseHub Changelog

V 1.1.0 (24-06-2022) Feature to upvote & downvote test case Reviewer Profile link Author Profile link Bulk upload Auto suggest while typing Option to copy/download selected test cases Community reviewers V 1.0.0 (02-06-2022) Launched TestCaseHub.

Dark Theme

SelectorsHub can be viewed in dark theme as well, as displayed in the below image.

 Shadow DOM

Just inspect the element if it will be inside shadowDOM, it will show “in ShadowDOM” in the SelectorsHub tab. To write the cssSelector for any element which is inside shadowDOM, just inspect that element and start typing. To verify any cssSelector inside a shadowDOM, first inspect any element inside that shadowDOM in which you want […]