SelectorsHub Pro Changelog

VERSION: 0.0.6 (date 29-06-2022) Feature to test if xpath is dynamic or static. Updated icons in dark theme. Fix for deletion of element while typing and deleting xpath. Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for reporting this issue. Fix for pwSelector and testRigor path using settings. Fix for matching element msg in case of no value in […]

How to install TestCaseHub?

For TestCaseHub, no installation required. Just open direct TestCaseHub from below link and enjoy using it.

How to contribute in TestCaseHub?

This tool will not be a tool without community contribution. It requires your contribution, support and then it will evolve and will be useful for everyone. How you can contribute-You can contribute by adding more and more test cases and scenarios which will help whole community.Don’t wait, start contributing right away just by following below […]

How to get Test Cases from TestCaseHub?

It is very simple to get or search the Test Cases in TestCaseHub. 1- Open TestCaseHub by clicking on the below link- Enter the functionality name or feature name for which you need the test cases in the search box of TestCaseHub and press enter. 3- It will show you all the available test cases […]

TestCaseHub Video Tutorials

Please follow this detailed tutorial to make the best use of TestCaseHub.Direct Link of TestCaseHub-

How to use TestCaseHub?

It is very simple to use TestCaseHub. 1- Open 2- Now in the opened page, just search for the functionality or feature for which you want the test cases or test scenarios. To make the best use of it, please follow below tutorial.

Compare with free

FOR ALL Free Basic writing suggestions. Create Account All basic features For Individuals Premium Video Recording, Premium New UI, Unlimited Screenshots, Download Screenshots separately, More timesaver features. Get Started Everything in Free New UI. Screen and video Recording Feature URL for each step No size issue due to more screenshots Copy all recorded data in […]

TCS PRO Delete All

Many a times we want to record a new test case and don’t want to waste time in closing and opening the studio window so here it has a very great feature to clear all the recorded data in single shot and you can enjoy recording the fresh test case from step 1. Just clean […]