VERSION: 0.0.6 (date 29-06-2022)

  1. Feature to test if xpath is dynamic or static.
  2. Updated icons in dark theme.
  3. Fix for deletion of element while typing and deleting xpath. Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for reporting this issue.
  4. Fix for pwSelector and testRigor path using settings.
  5. Fix for matching element msg in case of no value in box.
  6. Minor css fixes.

VERSION: 0.0.5 (date 26-06-2022)

  1. Added support for Cypress and Playwright for shadow dom. Now generate code for any automation API. Follow this tutorial to learn more about it.
  2. Auto filling value while pressing up or down key over suggested dropdown values while writing xpath.
  3. Smart maintenance command box with auto suggest.
  4. Added Billing option under profile so now user can see, cancel or upgrade the subscription plan by themselves.
  5. CSS fix for more than 2 digits count match.
  6. Updated the popup html UI.
  7. Fixed the issue- In POM Page, verify multi xpath on clicking next it is adding more elements.
  8. In POM Page, added copied tooltip.
  9. In POM Page, margin for icons on right side. 
  10. Fixed the single click on icons.
  11. Added UI customisation settings in different window. Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for this feature suggestion.
  12. Added confirmation pop-up on reset button. Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for this feature suggestion.

VERSION: 0.0.4 (date 13-06-2022)

  1. Improved the huge performance.
  2. Disabled the PW Selector in by default mode to improve performance. User can activate the PW Selector from UI setting.
  3. Updated the tutorials link.
  4. Updated the context menu.
  5. CSS fixed for icons under smart maintenance.
  6. Updated the tooltips positions for better user experience.
  7. Updated the footer.
  8. Fixed the reset button and functionality.

VERSION: 0.0.3 (date 09-06-2022)

  1. Launched SelectorsHub Pro.
    Watch the Launch Event Here

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