Demo 2

Upload the font files in as many formats as possible for best browser compatibility.


This plugin helps you easily embed custom fonts files (woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot, otf) easily in your WordPress website.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial 2 Smart Editor Smart editor which auto suggests all possible XPath & selectors functions along with their occurrences while typing. Generate all types of possible selectors for inspecting elements in a single click. Error handling. It gives the proper error message like what is wrong in your xpath and cssSelector. Supports iframe and […]


How to use SelectorsHub? After you have successfully added SelectorsHub extension to your browser you need to take care of few steps : After installing SelectorsHub, restart the browser. Open DevTools (Right click then click on Inspect). On the right side of the Elements tab, SelectorsHub will be the last tab as shown in the […]

SelectorsHub Installation

Installation 1- Choose any browser according to your comfort, let’s say we choose Chrome for downloading this extension, just click on install button of chrome. 2- Here click on Add to Chrome button. It will show one popup, allow that and plugin got added in your browser. Restart the browser and enjoy using it. 3- […]

Browser Identification

Browser Identification There are many browsers providing us with many functionality but you may choose any of the browsers according to your suitability. Visit our website


Features It generates the English Test Cases (manual test case) automatically. It generates the screenshot for each step with highlighted area. It generates the xpath for each step. It generates the cssSelector for each step. It also records the data for each step. XPath/cssSelector code command can be generated as per your framework. Users can […]

How to use TestCase Studio

How to use TestCase Studio Click on the TestCase Studio Logo which is available on the right top corner in the browser toolbar..   After clicking on logo it will open default window of TestCase Studio. Now start doing your testing, It will automatically record all the user actions and convert into plain english sentences […]

Why TestCase Studio ?

Why TestCase Studio ? While going through this one actual and an important question will strike your mind that why TestCase Studio, the answer to this question is not a rocket science, it just came up with an idea of a software used to reproduce bugs that if someone wants to raise a bug and […]