1. It generates the English Test Cases (manual test case) automatically.
  2. It generates the screenshot for each step with highlighted area.
  3. It generates the xpath for each step.
  4. It generates the cssSelector for each step.
  5. It also records the data for each step.
  6. XPath/cssSelector code command can be generated as per your framework.
  7. Users can add or remove columns and customise UI as per requirement.
  8. Users can add new steps just by clicking on + icon present in each row.
  9. Users can delete the unwanted step just by clicking on the delete icon present in each row.
  10. Users can pause the recording and resume whenever it is required.
  11. Users can delete all the steps in a single shot just by clicking on delete all buttons present in the header.
  12. Attribute filter option is there to generate the xpath with desired attribute.
  13. All the recorded steps can be saved in excel file along with XPath/Command and data.
  14. Recorded steps can be executed on testRigor just by clicking on execute button.
  15. By default it will save the filename as websiteDomain+TimeStamp.
  16. Users can edit the test case name before saving it.
  17. Users can also copy all the steps just by clicking on the copy icon present in the table header.

Supported Browser:

TestCase Studio supports all the browsers.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave, Chromium and Tor