How to use SelectorsHub?

After you have successfully added SelectorsHub extension to your browser you need to take care of few steps :

  • After installing SelectorsHub, restart the browser.
  • Open DevTools (Right click then click on Inspect).
  • On the right side of the Elements tab, SelectorsHub will be the last tab as shown in the tutorial. If not visible, expand the sidebar.
  • For the very first time it will show the registration form, register here.
  • Now here in SelectorsHub, you will see all possible selectors generated for the inspect element.
  • You can also write and verify your own xpath and selectors in the input box in SelectorsHub tab.
  • If it doesn’t work,

    1. Open the website in a new tab.
    2. Don’t try on a blank tab. There should be a url in the address bar.
    3. For more details please checkout these FAQs and tutorials.