How to use TestCase Studio

  1. Click on the TestCase Studio Logo which is available on the right top corner in the browser toolbar..


  2. After clicking on logo it will open default window of TestCase Studio.

  3. Now start doing your testing,
    • It will automatically record all the user actions and convert into plain english sentences as step.
    • It will generate the Screenshot for each step and will highlight the element where action is performed.
    • It will generate the xpath and CSS Selector for each step.
    • It will also capture all the data which user will enter into the input fields.

  4. You can download the generated test steps and screenshots by clicking on the download button.

  5. Set the Test Case Name before downloading it.

  6. You can also copy the recorded steps.
  7. Add and delete the missing step.
  8. Generate the code.
  9. All the steps are editable.
  10. Expected results can be set by user.
  11. Pause and resume the recording.
  12. Delete all steps to record the new test case.
  13. Set Attribute to generate xpath and css selector with particular attribute.
  14. Customise Column/UI