VERSION: 0.0.7 (date 19-06-2022)
  1. Undo feature. Now user can undo if delete or add any row by mistake.
  2. More setting options
    1. User can decide to record scroll event or not.
    2. User can decide to record or not the arrow and shift key actions.
    3. User can set the input data parameter as variable for all the input values.
  3. Added tooltip for copy action.
  4. Fix for copy test case button
  5. Improved the download xls, csv functionality.
  6. Fix for screenshot toggle.
  7. Fix for attribute filters.
  8. Rearranged the customised columns order same as table header.
  9. Added the logs column in customize settings.
  10. Added Billing option under profile so now user can see, cancel or upgrade the subscription plan by themselves.
  11. Updated the slack channel link.
VERSION: 0.0.6 (date 13-06-2022)
  1. Introduced Dark Theme.
  2. Huge performance improvement.
  3. Feature to record XPath and CSS Selector with attribute and without attribute.
  4. Feature to record drag and drop action.
  5. Now it will add an red emoji icon on browser tab which will be getting recorded so user easily understand where recording is happening.
  6. Fix for double quote screenshot issue for windows machine.
  7. Fix for extension not opening on clicking on logo.
  8. Fix for adding outline even if extension is closed.
  9. Fix for opening multiple window on clicking on logo multiple times as well as clicking on profile button.
  10. Fix for comma issue in xls and csv.
  11. Now it will scroll the steps to the bottom automatically in TCS PRO window.
  12. Updated footer links.
  13. Added video tutorial link in login window.
VERSION: 0.0.5 (date 03-06-2022)
  1. Added new column of Network logs.
  2. Download option to download all network logs and particular step logs too.
  3. Fix the URL issue. Now it will record url for each step.
VERSION: 0.0.4 (date 15-05-2022)
  1. Added new feature to download recorded data in pdf, csv.
  2. Feature to download recorded data in different format.
  3. Separated download buttons.
  4. Feature to download last recorded test case. It will help if user close the test case studio pro window by mistake so his recorded steps always there.
VERSION: 0.0.3 (date 08-05-2022)
  1. Updated the signup and tutorial link.
VERSION: 0.0.1 (date 02-05-2022)
  1. Launched TestCase Studio Pro.
    Watch the Launch Event here.

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