Bug Fix for Testing Daily reported in “Mobile Testing Challenge by Daniel Knott” hosted by Shiftsync

September 15, 2023

Recenty , a mobile testing challenge organized by Daniel Knott and hosted by the Shiftsync community witnessed active participation from many users.

If you’re not already a part of the Shiftsync community, I highly recommend joining. They organize such engaging events and challenges regularly, offering a great learning experience and opportunities to win big.

1. Incorrect Page Persistence After Changing View and Navigating to Homepage.
2. Missing Display Pictures of Articles Resulting in Black Images:
3. Footer Does Not Adapt to the Selected Theme (Light/Dark) When Switching Themes:
4. Application Fails to Resume Properly After Being Placed in the Background While Switching to Other Apps:
5. Scrolling Down During Video Playback Causes the Video to Pause, and Playback Cannot Be Resumed:
6. In the “You Might Like” Section, User Cannot Like, Comment, Add to Favorites, and Share Due to Button Color Inconsistency:
7. Accept Numbers in Name Field During Account Creation:

In addition to these bug fixes, we’ve made significant performance improvements to enhance your experience with TestingDaily.
For more details refer this video.