SelectorsHub is the free Next Gen xPath & cssSelectors browser plugin. It helps to generate, write and verify xpath & cssSelector.

SelectorsHub auto suggests all possible functions, attributes, text and everything along with their occurrences while typing to complete Selectors like xpath & cssSelector in just less than 5 seconds. Now we need not to copy and paste attribute values from DOM anymore to build XPath and cssSelector. It also supports axes like siblings, parents, childNodes, ancestors and descendants etc. It gives the proper error message for invalid syntax like what is missing in Selector. It also generates all possible selectors just in a single click. It supports shadowDOM, nested shadow DOM, iframe, nested iframes, SVG elements, dynamic dropdown, submenu and dynamic invisible elements too. It supports all the browsers.

As it is a superfast tool we need to learn about few functionalities associated to our product:

  • Browser identification
  • Installation
  • Launching
  • Video Tutorial for more information