TCS PRO Attribute Filter

To generate the XPath and css Selector, set the attribute filter before starting the recording.. To set the attribute just follow below these two simple steps- Click on Set Attribute filter button. Uncheck/Check the Attributes with which you want to generate the XPath and css Selector.

TCS PRO Pause and Resume Recording

1- To pause the recording at point of time, just click on the pause button in TestCase Studio Pro window. 2- To resume the recording, click on the same icon again.

TCS PRO Customize UI

Yes columns can be removed which are not required. To hide any columns which is not required, click on Customize button. Uncheck the column’s checkbox which you want to hide. It will immediately hide those columns. For ex- Exp Res and CssSelector columns are hidden now. After setting the columns, you can again click on […]

TCS PRO Add and Delete Step

You can add step before and after any recorded step. Any particular step can also be deleted. To add a step manually, just click on + icon of the row after which you want to add new step. It will add blank row where you can add the details for the step. For ex- wait […]


1- Turn on Command Toggle to generate xpath and css Selector with command. 2- By default it will add the driver.findElement command on all xpath and css Selector after turning on the command toggle. 3- If you want to change the command, just click on the command input box. It will show some predefined commands, […]

TCS PRO xpath and css Selector

It will automatically record robust unique XPath and css Selector for each step for which ever it is possible. *It uses SelectorsHub’s logic to generate XPath and css Selector so you can rely on them. To generate XPath and css Selector with specific attribute, you can set the attribute from attribute filter option before starting […]

TCS Pro data

All the data will be recorded automatically with the steps. Here the data is the values which are entered by the user in the input fields on the web application.

TCS PRO Screen Recording

To record the screen (video), please follow these simple steps- Click on Record Screen button present at the bottom right corner in TestCase Studio Pro window. It will open a window where you can select the screen which you want to record. To record whole screen, select entire screen. Or to record only a specific […]


After clicking on the logo from the toolbar, just start your functional testing on the web application. It will automatically record URL for each step. This URL will be the value which was there in the browser address bar while performing the action on web application.

TCS PRO Unlimited Screenshots

After clicking on the logo from the toolbar, just start your functional testing on the web application. It will automatically taking the screenshot for every step. It will also highlight the area with red solid border in the screenshot where action was performed. Good part is that there will not be any memory issue and […]