Q0. How to install SelectorsHub and use it?

Find the download link here. Try it now it’s absolutely FREE.


  1. Click on the download link for whichever browser you want.

2) Click on Add to Browser.

3) After adding the extension, it will show in the browser toolbar like this. You can pin to the toolbar by clicking on the pin icon.

4) After adding the extension, restart the browser.

5) Now open DevTools by right clicking on any element and clicking on inspect.

6) On the right side of the Elements tab, SelectorsHub will be the last tab as shown in below image. If not visible, expand the sidebar or click on the two arrow icons as shown in below gif.

7) Now here you start typing your xpath or cssSelector. You will get auto suggest for inspected element.

Q1. SelectorsHub is not working for google.com?

Ans- If auto suggest doesn’t work while building Selectors at google.com

Q2. Where to find SelectorsHub tab?

Ans- Open DevTools by pressing F12 or Right-click anywhere on the webpage. Click on Inspect. On right side of Elements tab, click on SelectorsHub tab. It will be the last tab, if not visible then expand sidebar.

Q3. Auto Suggest feature is not working?

Ans- If auto suggest doesn’t work while building Selectors,

  • Open different website in new tab.
  • Don’t try on blank tab. There should be a url in address bar as it might not support on blank new tab.
  • Extensions won’t support on Extensions store website so try on a genuine website.

Q4. Is it a free tool?

Ans- Yes, it’s an absolutely free tool.

Q5. Is there any license required to use SelectorsHub?

Ans- No. There is no license required to use SelectorsHub. It’s a free to use tool for community.

Q6. Is it secured & safe to use SelectorsHub?

Ans- Yes absolutely. It is the most secured plugin.

  • It doesn’t save any user data.
  • It runs only on your local environment.
  • It inject the script only when you open the SelectorsHub tab while other plugins inject the script in your website as soon as the website get opened in the browser.

Q7. SelectorsHub is not working on my website.

Ans- Please follow these steps

  • Open your website in new tab.
  • Now try inspecting any element.
  • If issue still persist, please try for different website.
  • If still doesn’t work, feel free to connect with me at SelectorsHub Slack Channel here.
Q8. I am a beginner, should I use the SelectorsHub?
Ans- Yes definitely. Beauty of SelectorsHub is that it is the editor for xpath and cssSelector so you will be writing your own selectors just in few seconds. This is a tool for all the beginners. It helps you to learn different kinds of attribute and value combinations, proper error message helps you to learn the syntax. This is the only tool which supports shadowDOM so you can learn how to write selectors for shadowDOM elements. This also supports iframe and SVG elements so you can learn all about them. 

Q9. What is the revenue model of SelectorsHub tool and why it is free?

Ans- There is no revenue model for this tool. This is a community product and absolutely FREE to use tool. It runs on donation and sponsorships.

Q10. When SelectorsHub will be available for Firefox?

Ans- SelectorsHub for Firefox will be available very soon. Most probably it will be available by 15th Aug 2020.

Q11. Will SelectorsHub suggest only attributes or text as well?

Ans- Yes it will suggest both. SelectorsHub will suggest all possible formats of attribute and attribute values as well as all possible format of text.

Q12. Is this tool only for testers?

Ans- No. It is for both developers and testers. It saves a lot of time for developers while writing cssSelectors too. For ex- For long classes most of the time, developers has to replace all the spaces in the class with . dot which SelectorsHub does automatically. 

Q13. Why to use SelectorsHub while there are so many other good xpath tool?

Ans- Not one reason, there are many reasons which makes SelectorsHub the best xpath tool. 

  • SelectorsHub is the only tool which made it possible to write own selectors in less than 5sec with it’s auto suggest feature.
  • SelectorsHub is the only tool which supports shadowDOM, in fact even Chrome DevTools doesn’t support shadowDOM. 
  • SelectorsHub is the only tool which gives the proper error message for the missing elements in your selectors.

Q14. Does it slows down the browser performance?

Ans- No absolutely, not.

1. SelectorsHub inject the script only when you open the SelectorsHub tab to use it while other plugins inject the script in your website as soon as the website get opened in the browser. This is the biggest reason many company doesn’t allow the browser plugin but now SelectorsHub solve this issue and taken care of the security issue.

2. It will never make your browser slow, as it only interact and inject script when you open SelectorsHub tab.

3. It is very optimised and very small in size compare to other plugins less than 250kb.

4. It doesn’t save any user data.

5. It runs only on your local environment.

Q15. Will it work if I open first the new tab -> DevTools -> SelectorsHub tab -> then website?

Ans- No. First you will have to open the website then open the DevTools and then open SelectorsHub. It’s very simple and safe.

To make it safe and secure it will not interact and inject script in your website without your permission.

Some times people open DevTools first then they forgot and open a url where they don’t want a plugin to inject script so for that reason it only inject script when website is already opened.

Q16. How to use SelectorsHub for local HTML files or offline and in incognito?

1) Open


2) Click on Details for SelectorsHub

3) Here turn on “Allow access to file URLs”

4) If you want to run in incognito as well then “Allow in incognito”

Note- There is no security issue, these settings are just to provide file access locally. SelectorsHub doesn’t fetch any user data and doesn’t have any backend server.

Q17. How to update SelectorsHub to the latest version?

Ans- It is very simple and can be done in 2 steps.

1) Open


2) Click on update and restart the browser. That’s all, extension is updated successfully. 🙂

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