How To Customise the Screenshot Quality in TestCase Studio?

September 25, 2023

In this blog, we will explore how to adjust the screenshot quality settings in TestCase Studio to optimize storage space on your system.

By default, TestCase Studio captures high-quality screenshots, but in scenarios where storage space is a concern, you can easily customize the screenshot quality. 

Step 1:  Open TestCase Studio Pro
Step 2:  Access Screenshot Quality Settings
Step 3:  Customize Screenshot Quality
Step 4:  Capture Screenshots

Customizing the screenshot quality in TestCase Studio is a valuable feature that allows you to strike a balance between image clarity and storage space. By opting for lower quality settings when necessary, you can reduce the size of each screenshot, saving valuable memory on your system.

This feature can be particularly useful when dealing with a large number of screenshots. We hope you find this customization feature helpful in optimizing your workflow and system resources.