How to use:

SelectorsHub has introduced a feature that allows users to copy the XPath or selector value from a search box in one click.
Steps to Use the Copy Button in SelectorsHub:
1. Open SelectorsHub: You can open SelectorsHub as a side panel or within the DevTools.

2. Inspect an Element: Inspect the element for which you want to generate the XPath or CSS selector.

3. Generate XPath/Selector: Write or generate the XPath or CSS selector for the inspected element.

4. Copy the Value: Click on the copy icon/button next to the generated XPath or selector value. This will automatically copy the value to your clipboard.

5. Paste the Value: You can now paste the copied value wherever needed in your code or documentation.

This feature is designed to save time and simplify the process of copying values without needing to manually select and copy the text.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇