Benefits of Check My Links

Benefits   Efficiency: Saves time by automating the process of checking links, which is especially useful for large websites with numerous pages.   Accuracy: Helps ensure that all links are functioning correctly, reducing the chances of users encountering broken links.   SEO Improvement: Helps maintain a clean link profile, which is important for search engine […]

Features Of Check My Links

Features:        1. Link Status Overview:         Valid Links: The number of valid links that returned a 200 status code (e.g., 720). These links are highlighted in green. Read More Valid Redirect Links: The number of links that correctly redirect to another URL (e.g., 11). These links are highlighted in […]

How to use Check My Links

How to Use Check My Links Chrome Extension Step-by-Step Guide: Installation: Go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for “Check My Links”. Click the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension. Confirm the installation by clicking “Add Extension” in the pop-up dialog. Confirm the installation by clicking “Add Extension” in the pop-up dialog. Activation: […]

Differences between SelectorsHub, TestCase Studio, Testing Daily and AutoTest data

Differences between SelectorsHub, TestCase Studio, Testing Daily, AutoTest Data:   Feature / Tool SelectorsHub TestCase Studio Testing Daily AutoTest Data Purpose Write and validate selectors Record user actions as test steps Aggregate testing news and updates Generate synthetic test data Main Feature Auto-suggests XPath/CSS selectors Converts actions to test steps Daily updates on testing trends […]

How can you customize options in SelectorsHub?

How to use:To customize options in SelectorsHub, you can follow these steps: 1. Customize UI: Click on the “Customize Ul” button. This will allow you to modify the user interface by hiding or showing specific selectors and Ul buttons.  2. Hide Unnecessary Selectors: If certain selectors like tag name, absolute XPath, J’s path, or Query […]

How to Get all the Disabled Input Box in a Web Page with SelectorsHub?

How to use:To get all the disabled input boxes in a web page using SelectorsHub, follow these simple steps: 1. Open the web page in your browser. 2. Right-click on the page and select “Inspect” to open the developer tools. Go to the “Elements” tab in the developer tools. Open SelectorsHub by clicking on its […]

How to Generate XPath Automatically for XML Elements with SelectorsHub?

How to use: To generate XPath automatically for XML elements using SelectorsHub, Follow these steps: 1. Prepare the XML File: Make a copy of your XML File and change its extension from xml to html. 2. Open in Browser: Open the newly created HTML File in your web browser by double-clicking it. 3. Use SelectorsHub: […]