How to use:

To use SelectorsHub to generate better and more stable unique CSS selectors for SVG and other web elements, follow these steps:
1. Open the Web Page:
Navigate to the web page where you want to inspect elements and generate CSS selectors.

2. Inspect the Element: Right-click on the element you want to inspect and select "'Inspect” to open the browser's Developer Tools.

3. Open SelectorsHub:  In the Developer Tools, navigate to the SelectorsHub tab if it's not visible, you may need to enable it From the Developer Tools settings.

4. Generate CSS Selector: Select the element in the Elements panel SelectorsHub will automatically generate a unique and short CSS selector for the element, including SVG elements and those with special characters in their IDs.

5. Verify the Selector: Check the generated CSS selector in SelectorsHub. It should be unique and short if it matches multiple nodes, try reselecting the element or adjusting the selector manually.

6. Use the Selector: Copy the generated CSS selector and use it in your code as needed.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇