What is Selectors Healing?

What’s the main reason for “UI Automation Script going in backlogs”?

IMO: Whenever UI change happened, most of the locators get changed and it becomes almost impossible to fix them one by one and thus testers prefer to write new script in place of maintaining the old one.

So to solve this problem, here introducing the new innovation “Selectors Healing”.

Selectors Healing is a new feature introduced in SelectorsHub Pro.

Using Selectors Healing feature, all the selectors of the script can be verified in few seconds.

  1. Open the web page on which you want to verify the selectors.
  2. Click on Selectors Healing button in SelectorsHub Pro tab.
  3. Paste the script/locator page in the opened popup.
  4. Select the command format
  5. Click on submit.
  6. It will fetch and list all the selectors from the script along with their counts.


Please follow below video tutorial for live demo and more details.