TCS PRO Download Screenshots

To download all the recorded screenshots in one go, just click on the download screenshot button given in the footer. To download or copy any particular screenshot, just right click on that and click on the required option.

TCS PRO Download Last Test Case

Some times it happened that by mistake we close the TestCase Studio Pro window without downloading the recorded Test Case and loose the data. But you need not to worry, Pro version has covered you. Here you have an option to download the last recorded test case in XLS format. There is a button in […]

TCS PRO Download Steps in PDF/XLS/CSV format

You can download the recorded steps and content in your required format like XLS or CSV or PDF. Just click on the respective download button and it will download the file in your system. Note: 1. It will download only those columns which will be visible at the time of downloading. So this is helpful […]