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Please find the details here about the session-

This is a must have workshop for all the teams who are doing web testing and development. In this workshop we will talk about real time day to day tester’s problems and their solution which immediately your team can start using. This is not a philosophy or gyan giving workshop.
We can assure you that this workshop will help your team to improve the productivity at least by 30-40%. 

  • Topic- Innovations in Web Testing.
  • Duration- 1hr
  • SpeakerSanjay Kumar | Founder and Creator of SelectorsHub, TestCase Studio, TestCaseHub | LinkedIN Profile Link
  • A few pointers on what attendees will learn in this session (value proposition)
    • Learn about the new innovations in the world of Software Testing which are being used world wide in almost every company.
    • Learn how we should use automation tools without compromising learning skills.
    • Know about a new reality to build, maintain your automation script.
    • Attendees will learn how they can make sure they are learning while using an automation tool.
    • Attendees will be saving at least 80-90% time which is spent today in writing test cases, filing bugs, writing automation scripts and locators, without compromising learning skills.

  • We will prefer the offline event to make it more effective for your team.
  • As we are in Bengaluru, India so if your office is outside Bengaluru, we can do it either online or offline as well but we will request your company to sponsor the travel allowance.