The answer is a big NO!  Yes, folks this is true that we are moving towards a generation of

advancement and automation and up to a certain limit we have automated this clumsy process of writing manual test steps, now you all will be thinking how? the answer is none other than our key product TestCase Studio. Its basic working procedure is that  it records all of the activity that you are performing on your browser, say going to google or buying a jeans from Myntra your all  the actions will be recorded in simple English sentences which can be downloaded in tabular format so as they can be tested with foremost ease.

     But apart from this we have something new in our bag pack this time. We being a tester never raise a bug without a screenshot, so previously we had to take screenshot of each and every step and then upload it to appropriate media for raising bug but now this wait is over guys our testcase studio is live with incredible innovative screenshot feature, including this now we can even record scroll feature if we scroll down our page to any extent.

We can download all the steps in tabular form with the screenshot of each step performed, we can switch off taking screenshots whenever we want according to our privacy. This will enhance your time speed being a tester or a developer. Do give it a try!