How to use:

Users can now upload screenshots along with test cases in TestRail using TestCase Studio Pro by following these steps:

1. Record Test Cases: Use TestCase Studio Pro to record your test cases. This includes capturing the necessary steps and screenshots.

 2. Go to customization section and  select TestRail as the integration option instead of Jira.

3. Select Project and Test Suite: When you are ready to upload, click on the option to upload to TestRail. Select the project and the best suite where the test cases should be uploaded.

4. Whether to upload the test case with or without screenshots:
With Screenshots: Click the option to upload with screenshots. All steps and screenshots will be uploaded to the selected TestRail project.
Without Screenshots: Click the option to upload without screenshots. Only the steps will be uploaded.

5. This will include all the screenshots captured during the test case recording. 

The test cases along with the screenshots will be uploaded to the selected project and test suite in TestRail.

6. Verify Upload You can verify the upload by checking the Test Rail project to ensure that the test cases and screenshots have been successfully uploaded.

This new feature simplifies the process, allowing users to upload test cases with screenshots directly from TestCase Studio Pro to TestRail without manual intervention.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇