How to use:

To generate XPath automatically for XML elements using SelectorsHub, Follow these steps:

1. Prepare the XML File: Make a copy of your XML File and change its extension from xml to html.

2. Open in Browser: Open the newly created HTML File in your web browser by double-clicking it.

3. Use SelectorsHub: Open SelectorsHub in your browser's developer tools. You can do this by right-clicking on any element and selecting "Inspect" to open the developer tools, then navigating to the SelectorsHub tab.

4. Generate XPath: Inspect the element for which you want to generate the XPath. SelectorsHub will automatically generate the XPath for the inspected element. If the generated XPath includes dynamic IDs, you can uncheck the ID attribute Filter in SelectorsHub to generate an XPath without the ID.

5. Copy XPath: Right-click on the generated XPath in SelectorsHub and copy it for use in your application or testing Framework.

This method allows you to generate XPath for any element in your XML File by leveraging the capabilities of SelectorsHub within a browser environment.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇