How to use:

To control recording actions such as reloading the page, scrolling, and using the Shift key in TestCase Studio Pro first you go to customize section then you can follow these steps:

Reload Page:

1.By default, reloading the page is recorded if you do not want to record this action, you can uncheck the option in the settings.

2.To stop recording the reload action, uncheck the relevant option. Now, when you reload the page, it will not be recorded.
3.If you want to record the reload action again, simply check the option back in the settings.


1.Scrolling actions are recorded by default. To stop recording scroll events, uncheck the scroll option in the settings.

2.Once unchecked, any scroll actions (up or down) will not be recorded.
3.To start recording scroll actions again, check the scroll option back in the settings

Shift Key:

1.Similar to reload and scroll actions, the Shift key actions can also be controlled through the settings.

2.Uncheck the Shift key option to stop recording any Shift key actions.
3.To record Shift key actions again, check the option back in the settings.

These settings allow you to customize which actions are recorded during your session, providing greater control over the test case recording process.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇