How to use:
To use the feature to download test cases in separate sheets of one Excel File in TestCase Studio Pro, follow these steps:

1.Open TestCase Studio Pro and record your test cases. Each test case will be recorded as you perform actions on different websites or applications.

2.Once you have recorded your test cases click on the “Save and Continue” button to add another test case.

3.To download the test cases into separate sheets within one Excel File, go to the Customize section.

4. In the Customize section, look For the Download Settings option and check the box for Multiple Sheets.

5.After enabling the multiple sheets option, go back and click on download Excel.

6. Open the downloaded Excel file. You will see that each test case is now in a separate sheet, named according to the test case names in TestCase Studio Pro.
7.If you want to rename the sheets, you can do so in TestCase Studio Pro before downloading the Excel File.

This feature allows you to organize your test cases more efficiently by separating them into different sheets within the same Excel file.

Please follow below tutorial for live demo👇