VERSION: 2.0.2 (date 15-10-2020)
  1. Deprecated “Double click to copy box value”.
  2. Fix for iframe xpath.
  3. Added auto suggest for axes immediately after /. Thanks to QTP Sudhakar for this suggestion.
  4. Fix for absolute xpath on context menu setting.

VERSION: 2.0.1 (date 13-10-2020)
  1. Added option to enable disable contextMenu.
  2. Now user can choose which all selectors to show in context menu.
  3. Optimised the Selectors generation logic.
  4. Fix the performance issue for context menu.
  5. Added the PayTM and Google Pay number for donation.
  6. Updated the Attribute Filter icons from Radio to Checkbox.
  7. Improved the UI and UX.
VERSION: 2.0.0 (date 04-10-2020)
  1. Added the auto generated all types of selectors in single click.
  2. Introduced a new selector- relative cssSelector.
  3. Introduced one more new selector- JS path.
  4. Get the copy selector option in context menu.
  5. Saves the config in local.
  6. Generate the selector with specific attribute.
  7. Generate selector with driver command.
  8. Complete new UI.
  9. Option to switch UI to just editor mode or editor and generator both.

VERSION: 1.0.6 (date 10-09-2020)
  1. Added support undocked devtools.
  2. Minor functionality improvement.
  3. Changed the font family for windows OS for better readability.
  4. Popup window icons will change on hover now.
VERSION: 1.0.5 (date 05-09-2020)
  1. Added support for frame. Earlier SelectorsHub was supporting iframe only, now it supports frame too.
  2. Added more details about selectors functions and error message info.
  3. UI and minor functional improvement.
VERSION: 1.0.4 (date 31-08-2020)
  1. Fix for @ auto suggest
  2. Added the telegram group link.
  3. Rearranged the footer icons for better readability.
  4. Updated the xpath/cssSel.. header title font and color to improve readability.
  5. Optimised the instruction text and added FAQs and video link.
    Huge thanks to Gaurav and QTP Sudhakar for great feedback. This release is completed dedicated to both of them.
VERSION: 1.0.3 (date 24-08-2020)
  1. Number of occurrences in the auto suggest.  Thanks to Gaurav Khurana for the suggestion.
  2. SVG suggestion in title.
  3. Separated the error message and info.
  4. Added index suggestion like (//span[text()=’Jobs’])[1].
  5. Added position(), last(), normalise-space() functions in auto suggest. Thanks to QTP Sudhakar and SaiKiran for suggestion.
  6. Added How to use instruction as placeholder.
  7. Highlight error message with instruction if user makes any mistake while using it.
  8. Added dark theme for auto suggest dropdown.
  9. Updated the social media links.
VERSION: 1.0.2 (date 13-08-2020)
  1. Added more cssSelectors suggestion like [attribute$=’value’] , [attribute^=‘value’] and [attribute*=‘value’]. Thanks to Arun Motoori for the suggesting this feature.
  2. Fix for AND OR condition.
  3. Improved the error message suggestion
  4. Improved the SVG suggestions
VERSION: 1.0.1 (date 04-08-2020)
  1. If user start typing xpath then it will suggest only xpath option, if cssSelector then cssSelector option.
  2. It will also show the xpath and css in the dropdown which makes easy to understand for what kind selector this suggestion is.
  3. Improved the error message for invalid selectors.
  4. Now it will not show those attribute/text options for which there is no match in the DOM.
  5. Updated the video tutorial link.
  6. Updated the theme pic in popup.
VERSION: 1.0.0 (date 29-07-2020)
  1. Auto Suggest attributes, text, siblings and all possible combinations for selectors while typing.
  2. ShadowDOM support. Very first innovation which made it possible to verify cssSelectors for shadowDOM elements.
  3. Gives the proper error message for invalid selectors.
  4. Supports iframe.
  5. Supports svg element.
  6. Most secured plugin. Inject script only when SelectorsHub tab is opened to use. You need to know about a norske casino på nett.

Launched on 29 July 2020