Can you solve these Automation Challenges?

1- #NewYearChallenge: Can you click on the highlighted link in the screenshot.👇

PS: Don’t make any assumptions that it will be clicked by this or that way. Please write the code & try, neither it’s easy nor straight forward.

2-  #SelectorsConcept: DevTools is showing zero(0) matching count even though selector is correct.
1) Why?
2) And if DevTools ctrl+f shows the wrong results even for correct selectors then why it is being used and suggested to write and verify xpath/selectors?

3- #LocatorChallenge: Can you inspect this tooltip and write the xpath to get the text of it?
Follow these 2 steps to get this tooltip?
1- Open this page-
2- Enter wrong email id format and press enter.
Please let us know-
a) If you are able to inspect it, how you did it?
b) If we can’t inspect it, what is the reason?

4- #InterviewQuestion: Is it the correct number of links (anchor tags) in this DOM?

  • If Yes, why?
  • If No, why?

5- #TeaChallenge: Do you love tea?
Enter the tea name in the box (as shown in screenshot) through automation. You can use anything like selenium/cypress etc.
Page link where you can find this box-

6- #coffeeChallenge: Can you enter value in the box?
1️⃣ If yes, how?
2️⃣ If no, why?