What is the difference between TestCase Studio and Selenium IDE?

#TestCase StudioSelenium IDE & Other Plugins
1Write the user action in plain english sentence.Record the script for user action.
 Generate the Screenshot with highlighted areaN/A
2Saved test case can be referred any time to test the functionality or reproduce the bug.Mostly recorded in script format which fails in next execution most of the time.
3It generates the robust relative XPath & relative CSS Selector with SelectorsHub algorithm which can be used in automation script writing.Generates the selectors and xpath. Here generated xpaths are mostly index based.
4It is very helpful to reproduce the bugs with it’s recorded readable sentences.Recorded test cases can’t be read easily because they are generated in script format.
5Anyone can understand the downloaded test cases from TestCase Studio and no programming knowledge is required to understand it.It needs the programming knowledge to understand the generated test script.
6TestCase Studio is not a record and play toolMost of the recorder plugins out there are record and play.
7It has feature to generate XPath & CSS Selector with desired attributeOther plugins don’t have.
8It has feature to generate the customised locator commandOther plugins don’t have.
 Get the System info, browser details, screen resolutionN/A
9All plugins are good and created to solve different kinds of problems. All plugins helping community a lot to solve their problems and saving time. One can choose as per their requirement.