Speaker Profile

Sanjay Kumar


Carrying 12+ years of experience, I have worked with companies like IBM, Goibibo, UrbanLadder, InMobi etc. I have created many free tools like SelectorsHub, TestCase Studio, Testing Daily, AutoTestData and TestCaseHub etc which are currently being used by more than half a million testers across the globe.


I give talks on

“Mastering DOM, xpath, selectors and most complex automation scenarios”,

“Innovation Inspired Automation – Productivity Booster Workshop!!”

“SelectorsHub: An Innovation for all the unsolved XPath & Selectors problems.”

“Productivity booster hub for testers for their day to day work”


“Workshop on SelectorsHub, TestCase Studio, Testing Daily, AutoTestData and TestCaseHub”

“Most complex automation scenarios”

My live online workshops can be seen here.


I invoice $2000 for a full day workshop, and $1000 for a conference session. I generally waive off my fee if the conference is free to attend and also something all other speakers are doing. If travel and stay involved, I always expect those to be paid.

Currently I don’t participate in panel discussion and in calls for proposals conference. Request conference organisers to consider all my work on this site as proposals, and I would be happy to deliver if I can make the schedule work.

If it fits with your conference theme, feel free to reach out to me at sanjay@selectorshub.com