1. Click anywhere from copy button to Selector title to copy selector value.
  2. Click on selector value to edit it. By clicking on it, value will be pasted in selector box.
  3.  Uncheck the respective attribute checkbox with which you don’t want to generate XPath.
  4. Pass the attribute name in the attribute name box to generate XPath with desired attribute.
  5. To generate selector with command like FindElementByXPath(“//input[@title=’amaze’]”), click on set driver command button and enter the command in this format FindElementByXPath(“xpathValue”). SelectorsHub supports all kinds of automation framework and language. Just replace xpath in your command with xpathValue keyword.
  6. You can hide all everything in the UI if you don’t want to see, just by clicking on their respective icons. Like to hide attribute option click on attribute icon on top right in SelectorsHub tab.
  7. You can also turn off auto generated selectors mode if you don’t want auto generated XPath and selectors by clicking on toggle button given on top right.
  8. You can customise the context menu option by clicking on SelectorsHub icon in the browser tool bar. Here you can choose what you want to see in the context menu. You can also turn off the SelectorsHub from the context menu.
  9. All these settings will be saved in your local so you need not to worry about them.
  10. At any point of time you can change the settings to default by clicking on reset button in SelectorsHub tab.
  11. SelectorsHub will show all the matching node in SelectorsHub tab and will highlight them in UI.
  12. If first element is hidden in UI then it will scroll that element in viewable area.
  13. On hover on matching node, outline will change into red solid color and if element is hidden somewhere then it will scroll to viewable area.
  14. For any query, feel free to reach out to me on Slack channel anytime.
  15. If you want any new feature in SelectorsHub, you can raise request here in git.

    Please follow the below video for the demo of all the above tips 👇