Feb 2023: SelectorsHub Products Update!!

Testing Daily

Updates on Mobile App-

1. Option to show password.
2. Fix for rotate screen.
3. Fixed for customising the youtube feed.
4. Made the link clickable in description.
5. Moved the watch and read button below upvote/comment.
6. Show rotating logo on opening app.
7. Fixed the comment input box cursor.
8. Added logo on Signup and forgot password screen.
9. Fixed for search.
10. Fixed more reported issues and improved the performance.


Important Fix for context menu copy feature.

SelectorsHub Pro

Fix for the context menu copy feature.

TestCase Studio

  1. Now in the System info will be visible in TestCase Studio window similar like in Pro version – System, browser, resolution and time stamp information in the footer.
  2. Fix for the download button.

TestCase Studio Pro

  1. Adding new feature to download recorded data into docx format.
  2. Adding support for firefox. 

Both these features are in testing and will be released soon.


  1. Hosted the SelectorsHub Chennai Meetup successfully in association with TestLeaf.
  2. RTP 4.0 Ahemdabad on Sat 11th Feb