Why SelectorsHub & what makes it unique?

Why SelectorsHub & WHat makes it unique?

SelectorsHub is the only tool which has below features-

  1. Shadow DOM & nested Shadow DOM support.

  2. Nested iframe support.

  3. Shadow DOM inside iframe support.

  4. Selectors Error handling like proper error message for wrong XPath & Selectors.

  5. Smart Editor for Selectors.

  6. Only tool which gives the right information about XPath & CSS Selectors for all kinds of web elements.

  7. Debugger feature to inspect dynamic invisible elements.

  8. All possible selectors can be generated for multiple elements in a single shot.

  9. Automation code and locators page can be generated in no time.

  10. SVG elements support.

  11. Generates all possible selectors.

  12. Generates relative CSS Selector.

  13. Selectors value can be saved in SelectorsHub which saves a lot of time while writing selectors.

  14. Generates case insensitive selectors.

  15. XPath & CSS Selectors can be generated with single quotes as well as double quotes.

  16. Available for all browsers with similar functionality. Only for safari, it has some limitations.

  17. Customizable UI.

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