What are the XPath problems which SelectorsHub XPath plugin has solved?

Problems which this innovation is going to solve-

  1. Today software developers have to copy values from DOM multiple times while writing 1 selector in which they are wasting a lot of time. And everyday they are writing multiple Selectors so a huge amount of time and effort they are wasting. With the Auto suggestion feature of SelectorsHub, they can write their Selectors like xpath with few clicks just in a few seconds.

  2. Today writing cssSelector for shadow DOM elements is very time consuming and not straight forward. SelectorsHub has made it easy and automated it. One can build cssSelectors for ShadowDOM elements and verify as well in SelectorsHub. Enjoy a norsk casino på nett.

  3. Today developers are writing xpath and cssSelectors for SVG elements manually and it is very time consuming because svg elements have different syntax for xpath. Now SelectorsHub has made it 100 times faster by auto suggesting the correct syntax for SVG elements.

  4. Today while writing and verifying we are not able to find what error we are making in xpath/cssSelector and we are not able to learn any thing new but now with SelectorsHub correct error message with missing elements information make a new way of learning.

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