TestCase Studio Contest

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Many congratulations to all the TestCase Studio Contest Winners!🎉🏆

  1. Prachi Dahibhate
  2. Rajeswari Chennamsetty
  3. Sanket Kale
  4. Rhutuja SAHANE
  5. Piyush

Your gift & certificate will be send to you soon. Keep learning & sharing.

What is TestCase Studio Contest?

It is the knowledge sharing and awareness program about the incredible innovation TestCase Studio.

Watch this video and read all the rules on this page!!

How many winners will be there and what they will get?

There will be total 10 winners.

1st Prize is all the goodies (T-Shirt, Mug and logo stickers) and 1 person will get it.

2nd Prize is T-Shirt and 4 people will get it.

3rd Prize is Mug and 5 people will get it.

When and where will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on 15th Sep 2021 on SelectorsHub Youtube Channel. Subscribe to the channel here and press the bell icon so you do not miss it.

Who will be the winner?

As the main purpose of this contest is to spread the awareness  so who ever will spread more awareness about the TestCase Studio will be the winner.
Winner’s ranking will be done on the basis of total numbers of their post’s likes, shares, views, upvotes and comments etc.

How to participate in the TestCase Studio Contest?

One will have to follow all these steps in same order to participate in this contest-

  1. Install TestCase Studio.
  2. Open this link.
  3. Now in the opened page, click on the sign up with Google button. This is the mandatory step to be eligible for this contest.


  4. After successfully sign up below page will open.

  5. Now click on TestCase Studio logo available in the toolbar to open TestCase Studio. Please follow this video to learn about it.

  6. Now click on Monitor then on Addons. Both these are available on the header as shown in above image.

  7. Right click on Reports.

  8. Above steps 6 & 7 will be recorded in TestCase Studio as shown in the below image.

  9. Take the screenshot of TestCase Studio window.
  10. Share that screenshot on social media like LinkedIN, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook etc. with a custom message to inspire others to try TestCase Studio and save their time and let them know about the importance of this tool.
    Note: There is no limit on posts on social media. You can share as many post as you want and total number of likes etc will be valid for all the posts. Share as many posts as you can to win the contest.


  11. Give a 5* rating to the TestCase Studio here.
  12. By 14th Sep, fill this form where you need to submit total likes, share etc.