TestCase Studio Changelog

VERSION: 1.0.7 (date 03-09-2021)
  1. Fix to record the icons click.
  2. Fix for label for icons.

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VERSION: 1.0.6 (date 23-08-2021)
  1. Fix for Exp Res content on adding new row. Issue
  2. Added links in footer for Patron and SelectorsHub.

    Ask your company to be patron and Support TestCase Studio.
VERSION: 1.0.5 (date 22-08-2021)
  1. Update the review link.
  2. Add the donation link.
  3. Improved the sentence generation logic.
VERSION: 1.0.4 (date 17-08-2021)
  1. Quick fix for add and delete rows.
  2. Updated the video tutorial link
VERSION: 1.0.3 (date 16-08-2021)
  1. Added Exp Result Columns.
  2. Option to add and delete columns.
  3. Option to expand the column to read all content.
  4. Fix for driver command for cssSelector.
  5. Increase the font size.
  6. Set char limit as 255 for TestCase Name.
  7. Disabled notification for user actions.
  8. Write the element name inside double quotes. 
  9. Replaced the command from “Hit Enter” to “Press Enter Key”
  10. A lot other small fixes and improvements suggested by community. Git Bugasura

    Huge thanks to Gaurav, Naveen, Sudhakar and community for the great suggestions. This release is completed dedicated to all of you.

VERSION: 1.0.2 (date 07-08-2021)
  1. Updated the tutorial link.
  2. Updated the changelog link.
  3. Minor UI improvements.
  4. Updated screenshot and details on product page.
VERSION: 1.0.1 (date 02-08-2021)
  1. Launched TestCase Studio as separate plugin with lots of amazing features.
VERSION: 1.0.0 (date 29-07-2021)
  1. Launched TestCase Studio inside SelectorsHub plugin.
  2. TestCase Studio is a platform to record the user actions performed on a web application in English Sentences. It will also generate the XPath and Automation Code for every user action. User can save or copy these recorded steps as a Test case.