The SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio project are invented to make software developers and testers life easy and to save their time. These are absolutely FREE to use.

The majority of sponsorship fund goes directly towards supporting these projects, such as server, software expenses, development, new tools, tutorials, workshops and community events like webinar, meet-ups etc. 


My goals are simple: I want to be able to continue improving SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio — everything from development, testing, bug fixes, community support, webinar, meet-ups and tutorial and all possible support — for the benefit of the entire SelectorsHub users and the public at large. 

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • You (or your company) are contributing to the extraordinary FREE community products.
  • For corporate donations that equal to the SelectorsHub level, your logo will be placed on SelectorsHub tab & TestCase Studio window for one year which users opens everyday multiple times to use these tools.
  • For corporate donations that equal or are more than the Platinum level, your logo will be placed on SelectorsHub site for one year, as well as on the sponsor wiki pages.
  • In every presentation of event, there will be Sponsors slide which will have all sponsors logos.
  • For each six months of non-sponsorship, your logo will be moved to the next lowest sponsorship level on the sponsor wiki page. If your logo is in the Bronze level when this happens it will be removed from the sponsor wiki page.
  • Community consciousness of your company (and its use of SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio) will be increased in the minds of the wider SelectorsHub community.
  • People find out about SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio first from my website; having a link from our website therefore will associate you and/or your company as a supporter of the SelectorsHub & TestCase Studio project that our users love.


  • Placement on the front page of https://www.selectorshub.com/ will be for donations that equal or are more than the Platinum level.
  • For donations that are equal to the SelectorsHub level, your logo will be placed on each page of the website.
  • Logo placement is time-based, per category: the first to donate is at the top, with subsequent sponsors’ logos placed in the order they donated. Position will be maintained as long as sponsorship is continued each year.
  • Logos on the front page will only be there for a year, starting from when your logo is put up on the page.

Logo Requirements

Logos may be up to 468 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall. SelectorsHub-level sponsors may be up to 600 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall..

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions at selectorshub@gmail.com

Sponsorship Levels

Below are the names and amounts associated with levels of sponsorship (all values in USD).

Note: These are the annual fees for the respective sponsorship plan. Tax and International transaction Fee will be calculated separately.

  • Primary Sponsor: Special privilege and benefits. Please connect with me for more details.
  • SelectorsHub: $20,000
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Gold: $5000
  • Silver: $1000
  • Bronze: $500
  • Patron: $200 – $400

How to Donate

Please connect with me at selectorshub@gmail.com and will share the account details to process the payment meanwhile I am setting up the payment gateway to make this process smooth. I can also email you wire transfer instructions and/or provide an invoice for your sponsorship.