Smarter way of writing Test Cases: TestCase Studio

Everybody knows that writing test cases is the first step towards the best-executed testing.

Manual creation of test cases is time-consuming and high cost. The purpose of producing the tool to generate test cases automatically is to reduce the cost of testing the system as well as to save the time of deriving test cases manually.

What is Testcase studio?

TestCase Studio is created by Sanjay Kumar who built the SelectorHUB.TestCase Studio is a platform to record the user actions performed on a web application in plain English Sentences. It will also generate the XPath, CSS selector, and Automation Code for every user action. Users can save or copy these recorded steps as a Test case.

So basically it automates the test case writing process, now no need to write the test cases manually. It will save a huge amount of time.

It runs offline locally on the user’s system and doesn’t save any user data. It is safe and secure.

Why to used Testcase studio?

1. Write the user action in plain English sentences.

2. Saved test cases can be referred any time to test the functionality or reproduce the bug.

3. It generates the robust relative XPath & relative CSS Selector with SelectorsHub algorithm which can be used in automation script writing.

4. It is very helpful to reproduce the bugs with recorded readable sentences.

5. Anyone can understand the downloaded test cases from TestCase Studio and no programming knowledge is required to understand it.

6. TestCase Studio is not a record and play tool

7. It has the feature to generate XPath & CSS Selector with the desired attribute

8. It has the feature to generate the customized locator command

Add an extension :

1. Open the Chrome Web Store.

2. In the left column, click on Extensions.

3. Browse or search for Testcase studio to add.

4. When you find an extension, click on Add to Chrome.

5. Click on Add extension. You'll see your extensions in Chrome as buttons on the toolbar.

How to use TestCase Studio:
Testcase Studio terminology:

The following section explains key Testcase Studio terminology:

1. TestCase Name: A good test case starts with a strong title. As a best practice, it’s good to name the test case .you can set the TestCase Name here.

2. Click to start recording and click stop recording: You can start the recording by click on the (test case studio)record icon button and can stop the recording.

3. Set attribute: You can set the attribute for Xpath/CSS by-

a) text

b) id

c) class

d) name

e) placeholder

4. Delete: By clicking on the delete icon you can Clear all the recorded steps in a single click.

5. Customize Columns: By clicking you can add/remove columns like -

a) Data

b) Exp Result

c) XPath

d) CSS selector

6. Set driver command: Keep XPath value as the keyword in command.

7. Number of steps(#): This shows the number of steps recorded.

8. Steps: Test cases are made up of a series of instructions or actions, called test steps.Detailed descriptions of the sequential actions that must be taken to complete the test.

9. Data: Test data is data that is required in executing the test cases properly and to verify the expected output.

10. Exp Result: Expected Result is an ideal result that the tester should get after the test case is performed. It's usually documented together with the test case. It's usually compared with the actual result, and if the actual result differs from the expected one, the difference is documented and called a bug.

11. XPath: XPath is defined as an XML path. It is a syntax or language for finding any element on the web page using the XML path expression. XPath is used to find the location of any element on a webpage using HTML DOM structure.

12. CSS selector: A CSS Selector is a combination of an element selector and a value that identifies the web element within a web page.

13. Download Test Case: Here you can easily download the Test Case Word File.

Supported Browser:

1. Generates the English Test Cases (manual test case) automatically.

2. Generates the XPath for each step.

3. Records the data for each step.

4. Generates the XPath code as per your framework.

5. User can add a new step just by clicking on the + icon present in each row.

6. User can delete the unwanted step just by clicking on the delete icon present in each row.

7. User can pause the recording and resume whenever it is required.

8. User can delete all the steps in a single shot just by clicking on the delete all button present in the header.

9. Attribute filter option is there to generate the XPath with the desired attribute.

10. All the recorded steps can be saved in an excel file along with XPath/Command and data.

11. By default it will save the filename as websiteDomain+TimeStamp.

12. User can edit the test case name before saving it

13. User can also copy all the steps just by clicking on the copy icon present in the table header.

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