A Training for Productivity & Knowledge

This is a 7 days online training program (1-1.5hrs everyday).

Trainer – Sanjay Kumar, Founder & Creator of SelectorsHub.

Timing: You can register for any batch according to your suitable time zone.

Topics to be covered in this Training-
1) XPath concepts and XPath writing from basic to advance.
2) Shadow DOM, iframe, svg, different technique to write xpath.
3) Handling all kinds of web elements like dynamic, invisible dropdown and submenu etc.
4) CSS Selector, JS Path, jQuery
5) Full training on SelectorsHub,
6) How to write automation script smartly,
7) Full training on TestCase Studio.
8) How to complete manual testing without wasting much time and smartly.
9) Bug reproducing techniques and a lot more.
10) Interview preparation and questions on XPath & Selectors.
11) After each class, practice questions and exercise will be shared. We will also discuss the exercise questions.
12) Writing Axes Based XPath, XPath for Web Tables etc will be taught.
13) On completion of this training, you will get the SelectorsHub Certificate 

Who should join this training-
All the automation testers (beginners and advance level). People those who really want to learn all about XPath, selectors, web elements and want to improve their productivity at least by 40-50%, must join this training. If you have zero knowledge on automation then this training might not be useful for you but if you are a Selenium user or you have learnt selenium then it is a must have training for you.

Fees- Fee details are given on the respective registration form.

For Corporate training only for your company- write to me on selectorshub@gmail.com

Sanjay Kumar | Founder of SelectorsHub

Inspect element challenge –

  1. Open https://twitter.com/home
  2. When the page will load there are spin loader.
  3. Inspect those loader and write the xpath for it.

If you are not able to do this then you must join this training.

Upcoming Batch, good for India and USA time zone.

Start Date- 8 Nov 
Time- 8AM – 9AM IST (7.30PM – 8.30PM PST

Register here (Registration Open)

2nd Batch, good for India and USA time zone.

Date- 25 Oct to 28 Oct
Time- 8PM – 9PM IST (7.30AM – 8.30AM PST)

 (Registration Closed)

Special Batch for UK, London timezone

Date- From 22 Oct 
Time- 8AM – 9AM BST London

(India, 12.30PM-1.30PM IST)

(Registration Closed)

Weekend Batch, good for India and USA time zone.

Date- 23, 24, 30 and 31 Oct
Time- 8AM – 9AM IST

(7.30PM – 8.30PM PST)

 (Registration Closed)

1st Batch, good for India and USA time zone.

Date- 18 Oct to 21 Oct
Time- 8AM – 9AM IST (7.30PM – 8.30PM PST)

Registration Closed. Currently Running Batch.