How to get Unique SelectorsHub Key without making donation?​

Learning & Sharing Program

Dear User,
I have been running this product alone for free for the last one year. Recently I added this patron popup for support. A free product cannot grow and run without community support. So your support is really required here. My humble request if you feel this is not the right process then kindly don’t give a bad rating. You can directly share your opinion here with me and I will definitely consider it. Very soon I will remove this popup once the 1000 patron goal is achieved, just 1% user support is required. Thank you.

How will this program help me and SelectorsHub? 

Follow these simple steps to generate the Unique key to disable the 99sec popup without making any donation:

  1. Take SelectorsHub Certificate from here and score passing marks.
  2. Write a post or article and help community to know about SelectorsHub on LinkedIn/Twitter/Quora/Medium/Instagram or on Your Website. You can Tag SelectorsHub & Sanjay Kumar on your post.
  3. Add rating for SelectorsHub here.
  4. Subscribe to the SelectorsHub Youtube Channel here.
  5. After completing above steps, fill this form to get your unique key.
Or if you don’t want to follow above steps, 
Simply be a Patron or make a donation here (min $10 or 500 INR) to get the Unique Key. After making donation,  please send me the payment details at to get your Unique Key.,

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