SelectorsHub Cheat Sheet Contest

Contest Rule

  1. Create the SelectorsHub Cheat Sheet. For reference, checkout this TestCase Studio Cheat Sheet.
  2. Share this Cheat on as story. You can create more than one story with different titles like “SelectorsHub- The Best XPath Plugin Cheat Sheet” or “SelectorsHub- The XPath Plugin Cheat Sheet”.
  3. Whoever will get the highest number of claps in medium will be the winner.
  4. To get more claps, share the medium story link on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. You can tag SelectorsHub & Sanjay Kumar for more reach.
  5. Share the medium story links here with us by 29th of Oct 2021. 
  6. Winner will be announced on 30th Oct 2021. 
  7. Winner will get the amazing SelectorsHub Swag, Free.

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