SelectorsHub – A boon for developers and testers!

Tired of writing XPaths on your own? We have got something which will not just make your work easier, but will also save you a lot of time.

With the motto of ‘Innovation Inspired Automation’SelectorsHub is all set to create a new reality. Being the one and only innovation which auto-suggests values and supports shadowDOM, SelectorsHub enables you to write your own XPaths and CSS selectors in even less than 5 seconds!

 shadowDOM, AutoSuggest, DarkTheme


  • No need to copy and paste attribute values from DOM, as SelectorsHub will do that for you!
  • Get quick suggestions on attributes, siblings, parents, childNodes, ancestors and descendants. This feature proves to be amazingly helpful especially if you are a beginner!
  • Don’t worry if you have typed something wrong. SelectorsHub will inform you about the errors, and will even suggest ways to correct those!
  • SelectorsHub supports shadowDOM, iframes and SVG elements too! So, now you can write XPaths/CSS selectors for those too.

What’s more! All you have to do is to add SelectorsHub extension on your Chrome Browser and there you are! So, go on and conquer the world of development and testing in just a few clicks.

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