Referral Program to win free swag

Refer SelectorsHub Certification Program to 5 new members and win an assured SelectorsHub swag.
Certification Program Link


  1. All the 5 members should be new.
  2. They shouldn’t have taken the SelectorsHub Certification earlier.
  3. All 5 members must have to sign up on this page with Google from different laptop because without signup on this page one can’t clear the certification in fair manner. 100% marks not mandatory, 75% is also fine. But signup is mandatory. Remember all signups should be from new laptop. 
  4. If you will use same laptop to signup for all 5 referred members then you will not be eligible for free swag.
  5. You will get assured free swag only if all 5 referred members sign up on this page with google because after sign up only we will get their details for verification.
  6.  Once your referred members took the certificate, fill the below form to get your FREE swag.

List Of people who won the Free Swag so far under this program!!

Anshu Nishad
Om Gupta
diptiben raval
Gauravi Prashant Sonar
Shrutika Nandane
Rhutuja Sahane
Shekhar Dasharath Dethe
Shubham Prajapati
Sanchita Kailash Ghodse
Abhishek Ghodse
sanjay prajapati
Dhruv Chadha
Aditya Abhay Gaikwad
Jolly gupta
Rushil makvana
Param Gabhawala
Bhavna Mogha
Palak Goyal
Ashish Mohan Gavade
Prakash G
Gaurav Sharan
Priyanshu Sahu
Priyanka Dattatreya Hegde

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