How to use smart maintenance feature to verify multiple XPath?

Yes now we can verify all the XPaths of a locators page using SelectorsHub just in few seconds.

Very simple steps to verify multiple XPath of a locators page or script-

1- Click on Verify multiple XPath button.


2- Click on edit button here to paste all xpaths or locators page or complete script


3- Paste the locators page content and set the xpath command. (Turn off command toggle if pasting only XPaths)

How to set XPath Command-

Replace xpath by xpathvalue keyword in the command. For ex- FindBy(xpath=”//div”) then enter command as FindBy(xpath=”xpathvalue”) or if xpath is not inside double quotes like FindBy(xpath=//div) then FindBy(xpath=xpathvalue)


4- Click on submit button and it will show the results for all the xpaths.



That’s all 🙂
Checkout the below video tutorial to learn more about it.

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