How to personalise SelectorsHub Ui

Many users don’t want to see all the generated selectors in SelectorsHub tab and different options.

Most of us prefer to see only those selectors & options which we use on a regular basis so now SelectorsHub has feature to customise the Ui and keep the desired options enabled in the Ui.

Follow these simple steps to customise the SelectorsHub tab Ui-

  1. Click on the Ui setting  button. ⚙️

  2. Uncheck the options which you don’t want to see in the Ui.

  3. Click on Ui Setting button again to go back to home screen.

  4. That’s all, now it will show only those selectors and options which are selected in Ui setting. Next time when you will open SelectorsHub, it will open with your settings, so you need not to set them again. 🙂

For more details, please follow below tutorial with live demo.

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