How to generate Axes Based Relative XPath using SelectorsHub?

This feature was very much needed from long and almost every SelectorsHub user demanded for it. So finally here it is. With SelectorsHub 4.0, we can automatically generate the Axes based relative xpath just in seconds.

Follow these very simple steps to generate axes based xpath-

  1. Click on Axes button in SelectorsHub.

  2. Inspect the parent element.
    Note: Here the parent element is the element with respect to which xpath needs to be generated.

  3. Inspect the child element.
    Note: Here the child element is the element for which xpath needs to be generated.

  4. That’s all. 🙂 
    Axes based relative XPath is generated and shown in the tab.

  5. To generate the new XPath, repeat the 2nd and 3rd step.

To learn more about this feature please follow the below video tutorial.

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